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Chief Designer

With a team of international creative designers, project managers, and clay modelers, I oversaw the creation of Concept Cars for Asian Car brands, Electric Hypercars manufactured in limited series, and cross-projects with major automotive OEMs and startups, creating brand value and world-class design solutions to enhance the companies and their future strategies.

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The Creative Journey


During the ideation phase as Chief Designer at GRANSTUDIO SRL, I led a team in extensive market analysis and concept ideation for future passenger vehicles, conducting workshops and seminars on innovative topics to foster creativity and stay ahead of design trends.


In the design phase, I took charge of the entire process, leading the development of captivating exterior and interior styling for next-gen BAIC Group vehicles, collaborating closely with German and Italian automotive OEMs, and heading a team for a confidential project related to a future autonomous driving vehicle.


As the design process reached its peak, I supervised physical full-scale model creation, leading to exciting unveilings and presentations to top management and clients, gaining approval and support for further development, and receiving acclaim for my successful design process and exterior styling of the Drako GTE, a limited production electric hypercar in 2019.

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