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Lead Designer

As Lead Exterior Design consultant for Bertone, I had the incredible opportunity to spearhead the design of a truly innovative hypercar, created in honor of the brand's 110-year anniversary. It was an absolute privilege to work on such a special project, which was manufactured in a limited series to ensure its exclusivity. With a focus on pushing boundaries and exploring new design themes, I led the exterior design in creating a car that truly captured the spirit of Bertone's legacy while also pushing the brand into exciting new territory.

Learn more about the Bertone GB110:

The Creative Journey


As the lead designer, I oversaw the entire design process, from the initial brief and hand sketches to the creation of full-scale prototype interiors and exteriors, culminating in the production of a street legal limited edition hypercar. 


Responsible for the exterior design of Bertone GB 110. This included creative ideation based on a given technical package, supervising the press kit release. Defining the performance specifications to ensure that the hypercar maintained both an aesthetically pleasing silhouette and an efficient design. 


In the design process, the focus was on creating a street legal hypercar to be manufactured in a limited series, with the exterior and interior design complementing each other. The Bertone GB110 had been virtually unveiled on the December 2022, before being built in a limited edition. 

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