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Revolve Mobility

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Founder & Inventor

As the founder and inventor of the world's first foldable wheelchair suitable for airplanes, I have developed an award-winning product that has been recognized for its innovation and practicality. This foldable wheelchair has provided a solution for people with disabilities who face challenges traveling on airplanes. With its unique design and user-friendly features, this wheelchair has been a game-changer in the mobility industry, and has earned international recognition for its impact on accessibility and inclusion. Learn more about Revolve Mobility and its mission:

The Creative Journey


Revolve air's design process started as an independent project, developing an initial idea and building demonstration prototypes in-house to test and refine the concept.


As the idea gains traction, the next step was to seek out global partners who can help manufacture functional prototypes to be tested on a larger scale.


These prototypes were then refined further and tested globally until they were ready for commercial production. Through this iterative design, testing, and refinement process, the project ultimately become a global success.

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"Former Ferrari designer Andrea Mocellin knows how to make things move fast.Now he’s applying his skills to an even more gratifying project: building a better, more travel-friendly portable wheelchair.."

TIME magazine

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