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Founder & Inventor

Revolve air wheelchair

January 2018 - Present

From Ideation to Market


Employing ideation sketches, the objective was to conceive an exceptionally innovative product utilizing the Revolve wheel technology, while simultaneously achieving a visually captivating aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression.


The creation of in-house demonstrator prototypes enabled the showcasing of the technology's functionality through videos and exhibitions, highlighting its real-life applicability and potential. Extensive testing in various real-life scenarios further validated the product's performance and practicality.


Using open-source 3D prototypes and handmade models, we showcased the product's essence in real-life scenarios, particularly in airport and plane settings, through filmed demonstrations that highlighted its features and functionalities.


Taking the experience and demonstrator prototypes to international exhibitions and fairs, we engaged with leaders, innovators, and potential investors, showcasing the product's capabilities and generating interest and opportunities for collaboration.

Functional Prototype

The functional prototype was constructed collaboratively by project partners and investors, leveraging F1 technology and innovative materials. This approach ensured the realization of a cutting-edge prototype that exemplified advanced engineering and material advancements.


Revolve was introduced to prominent accelerators across Europe, enabling the advancement of their business through valuable opportunities and support. This strategic initiative facilitated Revolve's growth and development within the European startup ecosystem.


Strategic content creation aimed to effectively communicate Revolve's vision, achievements, and potential to diverse events and investor meetings, employing captivating narratives, visuals, and materials that effectively conveyed the company's value proposition and market potential.


Real-life scenario testing of the product was conducted in collaboration with our partners in the aviation and automotive industries, involving wheelchair users to ensure its functionality and suitability in practical use cases.

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