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Lead Product Designer


November 2019 - January 2023

From Ideation to Full Scale Comformity Prototype


The design process prioritized both form and function, resulting in an optimal aerodynamic shape that seamlessly integrated performance requirements, enhancing efficiency and overall product performance.

The Process

Development of a powerful and visually impactful proposal, incorporating graphics and directional design elements to create an iconic and unique aesthetic. The focus was on simplicity, ensuring that the design conveyed a strong and memorable visual presence.

The Technology

Through the integration of turbine technology and a simplified design approach, the inherent beauty of the technology was showcased with minimal and understated design elements. The result was a harmonious and elegant aesthetic that accentuated the visual appeal of the turbine while maintaining a sense of subtlety and sophistication.


Support was provided in creating engaging content for the virtual unveiling of the latest prototype, aimed at fundraising campaigns and public listings. The content effectively captured the attention of potential investors and the public, showcasing the prototype's unique features and generating interest in the project.


A full-scale prototype was developed to showcase the selected design proposal, highlighting its seamless integration with the innovative interior cabin design. The prototype effectively demonstrated the cohesive and cohesive nature of the overall design concept, providing a tangible representation of the envisioned product.

Role Description

As the Lead Designer at Lilium from November 2019 to February 2023, the focus was on prioritizing customer needs and applying design thinking to various aspects such as exterior, interior, package, materials, color and trim, and lighting design. This included creating exceptional exterior and interior designs using advanced tools and techniques, integrating ergonomic concepts, and collaborating on Class-A surfaces. Additionally, responsibilities included ensuring design feasibility based on legislation and engineering requirements, adhering to project schedules and budgets, and working on ad hoc projects provided by management. This role also involved overseeing the construction of prototypes, conducting cross-department workshops, and participating in innovation projects with Marketing, Engineering, and Board Management.

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