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Senior Exterior Designer

Pininfarina | Alfa Romeo

JUNE 2022 - DECEMBER 2022



Providing valuable support to the design team, proposals were developed in both 2D and 3D to facilitate interior and exterior design ideation, ensuring a seamless alignment with the brand's DNA and the chosen design theme.

Alfa Romeo

Taking the lead in the development of 2D and 3D designs, as well as small and full-scale models, the aim was to redefine the future of Alfa Romeo's flagship vehicles and reintroduce the brand to the global market with renewed impact and appeal.

Alfa Romeo

Assuming a leadership role, the development of a cohesive family aesthetic was spearheaded through the creation of pre-manufacturing full-scale models and 3D renderings, which were presented to management boards and utilized for clinic tests, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the design's effectiveness and impact.


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Engaging in collaborative projects with the Royal College of Art, active involvement was maintained throughout the entire process alongside the design management team, ensuring a seamless integration of expertise and resources.

Role Description

As the Lead Designer at Lilium from November 2019 to February 2023, the focus was on prioritizing customer needs and applying design thinking to various aspects such as exterior, interior, package, materials, color and trim, and lighting design. This included creating exceptional exterior and interior designs using advanced tools and techniques, integrating ergonomic concepts, and collaborating on Class-A surfaces. Additionally, responsibilities included ensuring design feasibility based on legislation and engineering requirements, adhering to project schedules and budgets, and working on ad hoc projects provided by management. This role also involved overseeing the construction of prototypes, conducting cross-department workshops, and participating in innovation projects with Marketing, Engineering, and Board Management.

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