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07_Andrea Mocellin_Lilium_Lead Designer_Goodbye 2023 copy.jpg

Lead Product Designer


November 2019 - January 2023

From Ideation to Full Scale Comformity Prototype


Extensive research was conducted to identify the optimal form language that would result in a distinctive and innovative cabin design, prioritizing an exceptional user experience. The aim was to create a space that seamlessly integrates functionality, aesthetics, and user-centric features, elevating the overall experience for the occupants.


The proposal was translated into detailed renderings, enabling a comprehensive visualization of the design, which was subsequently developed into a 3D model and full-scale prototype for extensive testing of ergonomics and user experience. This iterative process allowed for refining the design to ensure optimal functionality and user satisfaction.


The creation of a full-scale experience was achieved through collaborative efforts across departments, resulting in an innovative and unprecedented concept that pushed boundaries and surpassed expectations. The seamless integration of diverse expertise and perspectives ensured a groundbreaking outcome that captivated audiences with its unique and extraordinary features.


By showcasing the user experience with actual passengers, a comprehensive understanding of their needs and preferences was gained, leading to valuable insights for refining and improving the conformity prototype. This iterative process allowed for a more tailored and user-centric design approach, ensuring that the final product would meet and exceed customer expectations.

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