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Senior Exterior Designer


January 2018 - September 2019

NIO Design Strategy, Autonomous Driving Design Identity, NIO Proportion Model Development. 


The process involved generating cutting-edge ideas for the Nio X bar and new car proposals through the use of Photoshop and handcrafted sketches. These techniques were employed to effectively capture the essence and character of the exterior design, resulting in innovative and captivating concepts.


The process involved developing an innovative strategy to maximize the utilization of the new frame across multiple car models. This approach aimed to create a sustainable and forward-thinking car range for the brand, incorporating cutting-edge seat configurations and a distinctive silhouette. The result is a lineup that offers versatility, efficiency, and a truly innovative driving experience.

Autonomous Driving

The process involved seamlessly integrating lidars and autonomous assisting sensors into the car's roof, resulting in a visually appealing design that showcases advanced technology in a smart and subtle manner. The outcome is a sleek and modern aesthetic that effectively communicates the integration of cutting-edge features.

Proportion Model

The process aimed to create an innovative design for the flagship ET7 car, combining engineering inputs and cutting-edge exterior design. It resulted in a visually striking and technologically advanced vehicle that embodies the Nio Design DNA, showcasing the brand's commitment to innovation and design excellence.

Design Quality

I visited the EP9 manufacturing site to ensure assembly quality before client delivery. Through thorough inspections and assessments, I ensured adherence to high manufacturing standards, playing a crucial role in delivering impeccable EP9 cars to clients.

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