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Lead Exterior Designer

Senova Offspace Concept

Beijing Auto Show 2016

 Baic Motor


I worked on creating a roadmap to deepen our understanding of Chinese culture and their car usage patterns, with the aim of designing the ideal product tailored to their needs.


Conducting sketch and rendering research on the selected design theme to showcase a rugged, innovative form language and an attention-grabbing design.


Developing the 3D model and physical full-scale functional prototype within a tight timeframe of 3 months for showcasing at the auto show.


I supervised the entire process, from model making to unveiling for photoshoots in China, ensuring that the car was flawless before its debut at the auto show.


I unveiled the model at the auto show in China, engaging with journalists, presenting to the media, and showcasing the design process to investors.

Role Description

From September 2014 to December 2017, I held the position of Chief Designer at GRANSTUDIO SRL, overseeing the exterior design development process, managing a multidisciplinary team, leading the entire design process from sketches to production launch, conducting market analysis, developing design strategies and concepts, organizing workshops and seminars, and leading design projects for various clients, including German and Italian automotive OEMs, BAIC Group, and a confidential autonomous driving project, while also contributing to the design and research of the DRAKO GTE EV hypercar, and reporting directly to CEO Lowie Vermeersch.


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