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Senova Offspace

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Lead Designer

I led the creation of the Senova Offspace Concept, from the initial briefing with the CEO to the ideation brainstorming and ultimately the unveiling at the Beijing Motor Show. Over the course of three months, I oversaw the selection of the exterior proposal, the design process, and the manufacturing of prototypes. This award-winning concept car has been recognized globally for its innovative form language, and played a key role in enhancing the brand value and future strategy of the company.

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Available Services

The Creative Journey


As the lead designer of Lilium jet, I oversaw the entire design process, from the initial ideation brief and hand sketches to the creation of full-scale prototype interiors and exteriors, culminating in the production of a conforming aircraft. 


Responsible for the exterior design of Lilium jet. This included creative ideation, graphic design, aero engineering, and defining the performance specifications to ensure that the aircraft maintained both an aesthetically pleasing silhouette and an efficient design. 


In the design process, the focus was on creating a seamless inside-out experience, with the exterior and interior design complementing each other. In the interior, by emphasizing the user experience, sense of space, and safety while maintaining a cohesive look with the exterior. 

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